The plush robots TROBO are a new kind of interactive toys

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The plush robots TROBO are a new kind of interactive toysTROBO is a new kind of plush robot that uses a tablet or a smartphone to be able to interact with kids. TROBO can even help with education and learning skills.

There are many kinds of interactive toys out there. According to the creators of TROBO, these plush robots are a bit different. Sure, they use stuff that is similar to other interactive plushies but with added extra capabilities.

TROBO connects wirelessly to an iPad or an iPhone. The toys can be controlled via the mobile device. They can talk and tell stories and read digital storybooks. There are even specially developed stories that are featuring TROBOs.

The stories can be personalized and can feature the child’s name as the main character. You can even upload a photo of your kid and add it as a character in the digital part of the story.

TROBO will also know the name of the child and will address him or her accordingly all th time. TROBOs are using the STEM method meaning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The plush robots are specializing on these topics and can help kids learn them.

There is certainly interest in these plush robots. The company tested the market via a Kickstarter campaign. It raised a little more than 60 000 dollars proving it more than successful. So currently TROBOs are being completed and are set to debut by the end of this year at the latest. Naturally people who ordered the toys through the Kickstarter campaign will get them first.

Then TROBOs will come to the market. They are designed to be both companions and teachers to the kids. According to their makers, the plush robots are suitable for children ages 2 to 7. But we all know that age is not the deciding factor in a plush toy. So if you want to get a TROBO for you collection, you can do so.