The Pikmi Pops plush toys climbed to the top position in the UK

The Pikmi Pops plush toys climbed to the top position in the UKWe may have a new plush hit on our hands. The Pikmi Pops line of small, scented stuffed animals climbed to the top position in the UK. And all of this happened for less than three months.

The analyst company NPD announced that Pikmi Pops are the number one toy brand in the UK for March 2018. This happened for less than three months since the debut of the brand in January, ToyNews reports.

The various-sized plush toys come with a sweet scent. They were made popular thanks to a big unboxing campaign of videos by YouTube stars. It’s a new trend and Bulldog and GP Flair managed to capitalize well on it in the UK.

“For Pikmi Pops to race up to the top spot within just a few months of launch is simply astonishing,” says Bulldog Licensing director Vicky Hill. “It underlines the huge licensing potential of a brand that already has massive appeal and awareness. Bulldog has been the home of the biggest licensing success stories to emanate from the collectables world from Gogo’s Crazy Bones to Shopkins – now Pikmi Pops looks set to join a string of hits.”

The Pikmi Pops feature 45 mini-plushies in their line-up. Originally, the main audience are girls ages 5 to 9, but the Pops are becoming popular with a lot more people.

The toys come with lots of additional accessories. Among them are dangler strings, messages, etc. There are also several scents including blueberry, peppermint, bubble-gum and chocolate. Finally, there are also bigger Pikmi Pops, too. Would they become as popular as the Hatchimals? It’s too early to tell, but the start is definitely promising.