The Patchwork Bear makes teddy bears out of your memories

The Patchwork Bear makes teddy bears out of your memoriesWe all have great memories we want to keep. The Patchwork Bear makes teddy bears out of your clothes which are tied with your own memories. Here’s how.

For example you have some clothes from your baby’s first outfit. Or your graduation T-shirt. You can’t keep them forever, no matter how much you want.

In the end, they simply take up way too much space while you know you will never wear them again. This is where The Patchwork Bear comes in.

Meet The Patchwork Bear

You can give your old clothes to the company and it will use it to create a special teddy bear or other type of stuffed animal, from them. For you. You can even incorporate several different clothes into one teddy bear or stuffed animal. This way one toy can be a symbol of your entire college run for example. The company also makes memory quilts, bags and other accessories from the clothes.

The idea is simple, yet effective. The Patchwork Bear essentially recycles the old clothes. Even if they are damaged. The team takes the pieces which are in good condition and uses them for the toy.

People love the idea. The company says even celebrities like Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner and Eli Manning have ordered such teddy bears. The Patchwork Bear has been around since 2007 and is going strong.

“My idea of making keepsakes from favorite clothing came from my (and most parents’) nostalgia for those childhood days gone by. Each of my kids had a few favorite clothes that brought back memories. Rather than give the clothes away or store them in a box, I made them into a quilt and bear. It’s a sentimental way to recycle all those favorite outfits into a family keepsake”, writes the founder Jennifer Cura.