The Parihugs are connected stuffed animals that send hugs

The Parihugs are connected stuffed animals that send hugsStuffed animals are great for many things. One of them is hugs. The Parihugs are new connected stuffed animals created with that very idea from the start.

The Parihugs are made up animals. They don’t exist in the real life, but are created for one special purpose.

Everything about them is to make them huggable and comfortable. And it’s best if you have two of them and give one to someone who is very close to you.

Then, make sure both Parihugs are in a place where they have WiFi or a Bluetooth connection with a internet connected phone. Now, when you hug your Parihug stuffie, it will sense both the duration and intensity of the hug.

The toy will then send a signal to the other Parihug toy. It will vibrate in accordance with the detected hug. The owner will be able to notice and actually feel your hug. He or she will then be able to send you back a hug of their own.

It gets better. You can use the Parihug app on your phone to choose multiple Parihugs to which you want to send your latest hug. So, you can hug multiple friends all over the world.

Even more, you can pair the toy wit Fitbit. This allows you to send a replication of your own heartbeat along with the hug. Another option is to enter your age and gender and the app will recreate the heartbeat for you. Great stuff, no?