The Nuzzy Luvs are cute electronic plush pets that love to snuggle

The Nuzzy Luvs are cute electronic plush pets that love to snuggleMeet the Nuzzy Luvs. These small, cute stuffed animals come with some new interactive features. They love to cuddle and snuggle and to be like pets.

The creator of Nuzzy Luvs is Cepia LLC. The concept of the Nuzzy Luvs is quite interesting.

It all starts with a small, bean-filled plush toy. There are 8 different pets in total. All of them are in unique colors and designs.

Each Nuzzy Luv also have electronics inside. They allow the toy to react like a real pet to kids’ touch and the tone of their voice, The Toybook reports.

The plush pets can have 65 unique response combinations depending on the voice or touch. Nuzzy Luvs react differently to loud and quite noises. They can also move their head and eyes. And they can also make sounds in response. For example, a kitty can purr when happy.

If the Nuzzy Luvs get scared, kids can comfort them and the pet will respond accordingly. “Nurturing play is a terrific teaching tool to show young children how to care for and love a pet of their own,” says James Russell Hornsby, CEO of Cepia. “With Nuzzy Luvs, we created an electronic pet that is soft-bodied, which makes it very cuddly in your hand and reacts to sounds in a way that delivers a range of realistic emotions — like a real pet would.”

Cepia LLC will introduce the Nuzzy Luvs during the New York Toy Fair at the end of this month. Later they will make their way to the shops.