The Numskull TUBBZ are going to compete with Funko’s POP vinyl figures

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The Numskull TUBBZ are going to compete with Funko's POP vinyl figuresFunko’s POP vinyl figures enjoy a lot of popularity. You could say that they even created an entire new market niche for toy and pop culture fans.

So, it’s not a surprise that the success of the POP figures bring in new competitors. One of them are the TUBBZ by Numskull.

They combine two pop culture icons – pretty much all famous pop culture characters and… rubber ducks. Yep, the TUBBZ line features rubber ducks which rock the attire of famous characters.

And the line-up is already flexing some serious star power. It will make its way to the market very soon. And it will feature characters from Batman, the Ghostbusters, Street Fighter, Fallout, Destiny, Spyro, Skyrim and a lot more.

You can also expect Harley Quinn, the Joker, Robin, and a lot more. The TUBBZ will eventually feature characters from many video games, movies, TV shows, comic books and so on.

Numskull says the TUBBZ are “cosplaying ducks” and are about 3.5-inches tall. That will depend on the “costume” each one rocks. The ducks are made from high quality PVC.

Individual characters will cost you $12.99 a pop. Numskull will also offer 4-packs for $40. Everything is up for pre-order from Geek Store, but the release dates of each line will vary. The first ones are expected by February 2020.