The Noodley Rainbow Light Up Teddy Bear helps kids sleep better

The Noodley Rainbow Light Up Teddy Bear helps kids sleep betterKids can be scared from the dark and they need a friend to help them out. The Noodley Rainbow Light Up Teddy Bear comes to help kids with a special feature.

This cute bear has embedded LEDs and can light up! There’s an ON/OFF button in one of the paws and there are 3 AAA batteries zipped up in the back of the bear.

The lights also have an embedded timer. They will automatically turn off after 10 minutes. This way kids don’t have to worry about it when they fall asleep.

The Noodley bear is 14-inches tall from head to toe and about 12-inches when sitting. It’s furry and great for hugging and cuddling.

The LEDs can also randomly change color and provide a soothing experience and light. Kids can use it even as a flashlight if there’s no power for example. The bear uses low-energy LEDs which don’t emit heat. Noodley is also is safety tested to meet U.S. CPSIA, ASTM, and California Prop 65 standards.

The cute bear is $22 and comes in a drawstring bag which you can use for traveling. It’s cute and fun and will help kids sleep and get over their fear of the dark. Plus, it’s very cuddly.