The next few days are critical for the fate of Toys R Us

The next few days are critical for the fate of Toys R Us
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Mack Male

The next few days are going to be critical for the fate of Toys R Us. A court was supposed to decide on Monday, but the hearing was postponed for Thursday.

The news immediately started a wave of rumors that a big announcement is coming Tuesday. The media claims there might be a last minute deal or at least effort to save Toys R Us.

Another set of rumors is more bleak. They claim that both Toys R Us and Babies R Us could closed down by the end of the week if there isn’t a bail-out deal.

There are also worries that close down will also affect the Canada branch of Toys R Us, if it were to come down to it. That would be particularly bad news for Canadian toy fans. They used Toys R Us to get toys which in the US were exclusive to Target, BBTS or other specific stores.

Toys R Us Canada though released the following statement: “Our business in Canada is operating as usual. We remain committed to providing customers with great service and the best assortment of merchandise in the toy and baby categories. We continue to serve our customers and honour all our customer policies and programs like Baby Registry, Gift Cards and R Club loyalty.”

Even so, the Financial Post says there will be at least some changes. One of them could be that the Canadian branch will operate on its own, which would require additional changes.

Still, so far it’s too early to say. Hopefully there will be some resolve this week as these delays really don’t look good. Last week Toys R Us thanked its fans and customers for the love and support. Currently the stores operate as usual. Hopefully, this will remain to be the case after this week, too.