The new Teddy Ruxpin gets favorable reviews

The new Teddy Ruxpin gets favorable reviewsTeddy Ruxpin is finally making his comeback. The classic teddy bear was famous for being quite creepy. Now he’s updated and being called cute and cuddly.

Yes, after months of waiting, the new Teddy Ruxpin is coming to the stores. Sales start on September 1st and the interactive bear will cost $99.

Tom’s Guide has one of the first reviews of the new teddy bear out. And we will cut straight to the chase. Teddy Ruxpin gets 9 out of 10!

“One of the most cuddly storytelling toys is back with some modern upgrades for the next generation of kids”, they write. They give only one bad mark for Teddy Ruxpin. And that’s┬ábecause you need a screwdriver to access the battery panel. On the other hand though, we think that was done by Wicked Cool Toys, the maker of Ruxpin, on purpose. This way it keeps the batteries safely secured away from kids.

Ruxpin is 14 inches tall and weighs 1.5 pounds. This makes him quite a big bear. But then again he as a lof of tech inside, plus LED eyes and a moveable mouth. The eyes change and can cover over 40 expressions. You can see Ruxpin wink, blink, smile. His eyes will display hearts when you hug him and many more.

Teddy Ruxpin comes with three stories and seven songs all preloaded. His eyes and mouth move in sync with the story or song. You can even pause stories. He has a 4GB integrated drive, so you can load up to 40 songs and stories. And you can keep a lot more on your computer and change them.

The new Teddy Ruxpin also has an Android and an iOS app. They sync with Ruxpin to show pictures as he tells the stories. The apps even show the original artwork from the books and stories Ruxpin will tell. Additional stories will cost $4.99 a piece or $24.99 for a bundle of seven stories.

Wicked Cool Toys say Ruxpin uses four AAA batteries and they are enough for, wait for it, five years of work. That’s quite a lot. And while we’re sure they won’t last THAT much, even if they last half that, it will still be very impressive.

Teddy Ruxpin can use WiFi, Bluetooth and USB. There’s a reset button in case he freezes. The cute bear also has soft fur and body, so he’s actually quite comfy to hug. And he even has a sleep mode, which you can activate for the night. The new Teddy Ruxpin has the potential to be quite the success. And we hope he will be.