The new Playper toy company wants to stop using plastic in toys

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The new Playper toy company wants to stop using plastic in toysBelieve it or not plastic is everywhere in the vast majority of products and toys. So, a new company now wants to try and change this for the better.

A team of former executives from Disney and Netflix are joining together to make this new company. Playper focuses on paper-based toys and games which have additional AR features via mobile apps.

The first game is Kung Fu Boogie. It’s a dance battle game which uses augmented reality, ToyNews reports.

Players make 3D characters from the paper parts they get. They come alive with the AR app which kids can use with a mobile phone or a tablet. “Playper highlights the key features of the new play experience as sustainable and nonviolent, while challenging kids’ motor skills.”

Players can collect characters via blind bags. This also gives the element of surprise toys which are very popular right now.

Of course, each character has unique moves, capabilities and traits. Players gain achievements via play and can level up their characters. This will unlock new moves, costumes and features. The project is on Kickstarter to gather initial interest and funding.