The New Museum in New York shows off a exhibition of 3000 photos of teddy bears

The New Museum in New York shows off a exhibition of 3000 photos of teddy bearsDo you love stuffed animals? The New Museum in New York has a special exhibition of 3000 photos of teddy bears. And some actual stuffies, too. Here’s why.

A lot of people love teddy bears. Some of them collect the cute bears, but that doesn’t really show the true moments of happiness people experience.

So, Partners (The Teddy Bear Project) (2002) is a vast display conceived by Ydessa Hendeles. It is part of “The Keeper” exhibition of the New Museum in New York. This is an exhibition dedicated to the act of preserving objects, artworks, and images, and to the passions that inspire this undertaking.

The teddy bear exhibition

The exhibition features over 3000 photos of people posing with teddy bears. Each photo shows the love and happiness people experience when they hug their favorite stuffed animal. The exhibition also features some actual antique teddy bears for you to check out.

This is the exhibition’s U.S. debut. In 2003, it opened at Haus der Kunst, a museum in Munich. It is also quite bigger now.

“In general, teddy bears serve as both a historical marking point and a cultural icon,” assistant curator Natalie Bell tells “Within this massive but also very specific project, visitors will encounter not just the history of the teddy bear, but also the convergence of one particular object that took on significant importance.”

The curators hope people will also see the power of teddy bears and stuffed animals and how they can help. The exhibition is on display until September 25th 2016. So, you still have some time to go and check it out. It will be worth it.