The new LOL Surprise toys are already low on stocks

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The new LOL Surprise toys are already low on stocksAbout two weeks ago MGA added new toys to the popular LOL Surprise line. They quickly climbed as the most popular toy and now are selling out.

MGA introduced three new series: L.O.L. Surprise Sparkle Series, L.O.L. Surprise Boys, and L.O.L. Surprise Hairgoals Series Two. All of them are the top 3 best-selling dolls on Amazon, People Magazine reports.

And the Hairgoals line is the number one. The other two series are already out of stock until early July. Luckily for you, there’s pre-orders still available.

The Hairgoals toys cost $15.99 while the Sparkle Series is $10.88 and the Boys series is $9.99 a pop. Many parents are making sure to buy all three for $37 and stock for Christmas from now.

All three of the series stay true to the original LOL Surprise concept. The dolls come with lots of surprises and possibilities. The Hairgoals line allows you to give a makeover to the doll and it comes with 15 surprises.

There’s also the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise. It’s a small purse for $69. And it comes with over 60 surprises and it’s a limited edition. So, if you’re fan of LOL Surprise, there’s a lot of awesome stuff you need to check out before it sells out.