The new Hatchimals range is out and it features a Surprise

The new Hatchimals range is out and it features a SurpriseThe Hatchimals are back with a new range. It features a special Surprise which Spin Master is hoping to make them another big hit this year, too.

The new Hatchimals Surprise features – twins! Hatchimals Surprise will feature a bigger egg and more characters.

The Surprise element is that you don’t know what character you will get and whether or not there are twins in your egg. If there are, then you will be in for a few special treats, too.

For starters, you get two Hatchimals. What’s more though is that they can interact with each other. The twins will also be able to play with each other and mimic you in their own voice.

There’s also a new hatching process which should be smoother and more fun. The goal of Spin Master is to recreate last year’s frenzy with the original Hatchimals.

It’s already expected that the new toys will enjoy quite a lot of popularity. They have just the right amount of new stuff and characters while also keeping the things everyone loved.

So, this should make the new Hatchimals Surprise an unsurprising top wish for Christmas 2017. Would it? Most of the details about the new features of the Hatchimals Surprise are kept under wraps until the sales start (pre-orders are¬†already happening)¬†and people discover them. So, it’s going to be quite interesting.