The new Hatchimals are here and are doubling up

The new Hatchimals are here and are doubling upAfter quite a lot of rumors and speculations, the new Hatchimals are here. They come in a bigger, heavier egg and that’s for a special reason.

As some of you already know, the new Hatchimals eggs actually contain two stuffed animals. They are called the Hatchimals Surprise and you basically get two toys.

The Hatchimals twins would be a better name. You could get either identical or fraternal twins, which probably is the Surprise part.

But there’s more. Each toy has a different personality and preferences. The two Hatchimals will mature their personalities as time goes by. They will interact between each other and with you and your friends.

The hatching process is also different. The original Hatchimals pecked their way through the egg. The twins have a different approach.

They sit on top of each other and takes between 7 and 15 minutes for the hatching. “[They] burst their way out of the top, very much like we see real animals come out of an egg. Their hatching experience is totally different [than the original]”, said James Martin, head of robotics at Spin Master to WGNO ABC.

You will also have to help. You have to hold, tap and talk to the egg in order to help the Hatchimals to hatch. The first twin will break the egg and then you can take them both out.

And don’t worry about sibling rivalries. The Hatchimal twins actually quite like each other. They will say “I love you” when they are facing each other and will be upset if they are apart for too long. And while one twin sings, the other one will dance.

Hatchimals Surprise cost $70 and include two “species”: a Giraven, a mix of a giraffe and a raven, and a Peacat, a combination of a peacock and a cat.

And there’s more Hatchimals coming. In December Spin Master will release two new original Hatchimal species – Tigrette and Puffatoo. Last year’s originals – Pengualas and Draggles will slowly be phased out.