The new Hatchimal is Llalacorn WOW coming at nearly 3 feet tall

The new Hatchimal is Llalacorn WOW coming at nearly 3 feet tallThe Hatchimals have a new addition to their series of crazy toys. This is the new Hatchimals WOW which features the Llalacorn as the first character.

And it’s WOW, indeed. What’s crazy about the Llalacorn is just the sheer size of the toy. The part unicorn, part llama character has a very long neck and can grow to 32 inches tall.

It all starts with hatching the egg which this time is quite big. It can take up to 5 minutes this time, as the hatching time was shortened per popular demand.

Llalacorn will interact with the kids from inside the egg, showing them they are on the right track. When it hatches, you will see the Llalacorn for the first time.

You can interact and play per the usual way. The toy has over 250 sounds and interaction. One of the most obvious one is that it will grow. A lot.

And it’s also re-hatchable. This means you can repeat the process to explore other features and possibilities. Like the 10 different emotions, for example. Or “feed” it with its glittery strawberry.

The Hatchimal WOW Llalacorn is already in the retail shops. It costs $79.99.