The new and improved 2017 Tickle Me Elmo edition is here

The new and improved 2017 Tickle Me Elmo edition is hereTickle Me Elmo has been around for quite a while now. Even now the interactive plushie has a lot of fans. They will be happy with a whole new Elmo edition.

The 2017 edition of Tickle Me Elmo comes exactly 21 years after the debut of the original toy. It was a big frenzy when the toy first came out.

Now the original Tickle Me Elmo is back and it’s made by Playskool. But there’s also an updated 2017 edition by Hasbro.

All of the original stuff you like is still here. Tickle Elmo and he will bring you joy with his entertaining laugh. Squeeze his feet or continue to tickle him and he will laugh even harder. At some point he will even start to move and shake from laughing.

He also has catchy phrases he will say. “Children can’t help but giggle along when they hear his funny sayings and hysterical laughing sounds. Tickle Me Elmo is as silly, cuddly, and lovable as ever! He’s funny! He’s furry!”, the original description says.

The goal of the company here is to position Tickle Me Elmo as a competitor for the new Hatchimals Surprise. Will that happen? Probably not. But it’s even better and possible for the two toys to co-exist and bring you fun together.