The National Teddy Bear Day is a whole weekend

The National Teddy Bear Day is a whole weekendThe National Teddy Bear Day should be either on September 8 or September 9. It depends on who you talk to. So, this year it’s a whole weekend!

One of the reasons for that is that both days are the weekend. So, any companies, charity organizations and stores are taking advantage of this.

As a result, there are plenty of events involving teddy bears and stuffed animals all over the world. Of course, most of them are Teddy Bear drives and picnics.

Many cities held or are holding today Teddy Bear Festivals. One of them is Kensington in the UK. It claims it hosts “Europe’s most important autumn teddy bear fair”. In Detroit there’s a teddy bear drive for stuffed animal donations. Such events are also organized in many, many other cities.

Stores are also trying to gain the attention of customers. Many are offering discounts or other promotions for National Teddy Bear Day. Others are also joining in on the charity events by donating stuffed animals.

Basically, the National Teddy Bear Day does exactly what it should. It brings people together, opens doors for good activities and brings smiles and fun. That’s exactly the stuffed animal and teddy bear spirit! One that we should have all the time.