The Musée Morinville Museum opens a Teddy Bear tea party exhibition

The Musée Morinville Museum opens a Teddy Bear tea party exhibitionThe Musée Morinville Museum opens a special new exhibition. It will showcase the history of teddy bear tea party and teddy bear picnic events.

The Museum has set up quite an interesting exhibition. It will tell the story about the creation of the teddy bear and the history afterwards.

By now we all know that the stuffed bears are called teddy bears in honor of American President Theodore Roosevelt. He refused to shoot a tied bear back in 1902. To mark this, toy company Morris Michtom is said to have made the first Teddy Bear. That happened after seeing a cartoon depicting President Roosevelt as a “teddy bear”.

Over the decades, the teddy bear and other stuffed animals have been a major part of the childhood of millions of people. We all love stuffed animals and there’s nothing wrong about that, no matter how old are you.

Over the years people have created various teddy bear events. Including Teddy Bear Picnics and Teddy Bear tea parties. Despite the name, all types of stuffed animals are always welcome.

The exhibition in the Musée Morinville Museum will show you these stories. You will also see lots of vintage teddy bears and teapots.

Operations Attendant Donna Garrett said the collection was donated by the family of Jane Van Zyll Langhout (1928-2015), an avid collector of all things teddy bear. “She was a collector of everything,” Garrett said to MorinvilleNews. She notied the teapots on display were also part of her collection. Finally, the Musée Morinville Museum is open Wednesday to Saturday from noon until 5 p.m.