The most searched toys according to Google

The most searched toys according to Google
Image credit: Hot Wheels

There have already been lots of charts about the most wanted and best toys this year. They are all coming from companies. But what do the people think?

Well Google knows that. The popular search engine has released the chart for the most searched toys, The Loop reports.

So, what are the most searched toys this year? Well, at least in Canada the chart is quite interesting. In no particular order:

Paw Patrol 7 Wood Puzzles

Pokemon Trading Cards

Nerf products in general

Spider-man Potato Head

A Kid’s Karaoke Machine

LEGO sets in general

Hot Wheels, especially the tracks and garages

Fortnite, especially bundles

Barbie playsets

Avengers gear and toys

Well, that’s about it. These are the top 10 most searched toys on Google. Does that mean that the searches also result in buys? Not all the time. Occasionally, people are simply researching potential buys or checking out what’s new.

In any way, retailers often point to other toys like Fingersligs, LOL Surprise and others as actual best sellers. But it also means that people are still looking around for new and exciting toys from older, popular brands, too.