The most read articles on for 2016

The most read articles on for 20162016 was quite the year for We’ve covered quite a lot of stories. What’s more important, you liked a lot of them. Here are some of the most read stories.

The entire year had quite a lot of stuff happening in the world of toys and stuffed animals. What we are sure now is that you do like stuffed animals as much as us, if not more.

Pretty much all of our most read articles for 2016 involve stuffed animals. Granted, we rarely feature other toys, but that’s because you show us you really want to learn more about stuffies.

And you don’t just want to know about new toys. You want to take care of your stuffed animals.

This is why our guide on How to make stuffed animals fluffy after cleaning is one of our most read articles by you.

It also seems you like giant stuffed animals. We do, too. And you want to know How to clean giant stuffed animals.

But you also want your stuffed animals to be unique. So, you’ve read a lot our Top 20 fun stuffed animal names.

During 2016 there were a few stories about super lice. Our guide on Stuffed animals lice treatment is also read a lot. Hopefully it helped.

You also ask yourselves why do we love stuffed animals as much as we do. This explanation from science seems to be interesting to a lot of you.

Our entire Grooming section on the site also has a lot of interest. Mostly the various tips on how to clean stuffed animals and fix them. We have more tips to share with you, so look forward to 2017.

And because we all like stuffed animals, we wonder should we still sleep with them. You’ve asked and science has answered.

In 2017 we will continue to bring you the latest and most interesting stories from the world of stuffed animals and other toys. We will have some new tips for you and as always are looking forward to your feedback. We will see you again in the New Year!