The most expensive vintage toys and stuffed animals

The most expensive vintage toys and stuffed animals
The original Teddy Ruxpin | Image credit: YouTube video screenshot

All things vintage are once again drawing a lot of attention. This includes vintage toys and stuffed animals, too. Some of them are now gathering quite the popularity and their prices are going quite high.

The DailyStar has an interesting selection of vintage stuffed animals and toys which are now getting quite expensive. Among them we can see several old friends of ours.

One of them is Teddy Ruxpin. The original talking teddy bear was both creepy and popular. So popular, in fact, it came back in 2017 with a revamped model.

As a result, interest for the original also spiked. A classic Teddy Ruxpin in good condition can now fetch over $560!

Need more cash? If you have a classic Nintendo NES game console, you could sell it for $1400! That’s quite the sum.

And there’s more. The She-Ra and Swift Wind Action Figures were originally only $20 when they came out in 1985. Today you can sell them for over $280!

Classic toys, modern prices

Back to stuffed animals now. A vintage Sylvanian teddy bear can now reach $640 a pop. Of course, it has to be in a good condition.

And the Sylvania Families sets of furry animals also reach whopping prices. And that’s despite they are from 2003 and not really that vintage. Yet, a collector sold a rare doll from the set for $700. And the auction price was $138!

If you have a set of the Real Ghostbusters Figurines then you can sell them for $1400 for all four. The G.I.Joe General Vehicle can bring you $840.

Vintage dollhouses also can be quite expensive. The Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse was released in 1983. Originally it cost only about $40. Prices for a good one now are floating around $210.

And let’s not even started on original Star Wars action figures. A 1977 Darth Vader figure can sell for a whopping $7288!

So, next time someone criticizes or ridicules you for your toys, just tell them to shut up. You have a small fortune. Of course, toys and stuffed animals are very special to some of us. So, no matter how expensive they can get, we still couldn’t simply part ways with our friends.