The Miami Beach Police is asking for teddy bear donations

The Miami Beach Police is asking for teddy bear donationsStuffed animals and teddy bears are an important tool for emergency response teams such as the police. The plushies help these teams comfort and relax kids in stressful situations. Now the Miami Beach Police needs help in the form of teddy bear donations.

The Miami Beach Police even has a name for the charity campaign – Operation Ted E. Bear. Anyone can help by donating a new, unused teddy bear or stuffed animal which is still with the tags.

The stuffed animals have to be between 10 and 15 inches tall. You can either send them or drop them off at the Miami Beach Police Department at 1100 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

The stuffed animals will be used by police officers to give them to children during serious accidents, crime and other calls. Giving stuffed animals to kids in these situations has proven benefit for children and helps them a lot to relax and bring them at least some comfort.

Operation Ted E. Bear is going to be an ongoing one. This means the police department will always accept donations in the form of stuffed animals. There’s no end date an you can go to the front desk and drop off a stuffed animal at any time, the police says.