The largest ever LEGO structure can hold a real car

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The largest ever LEGO structure can hold a real carWe all know LEGO bricks are very tough. But how much exactly? Well, Land Rover has built the largest ever LEGO structure to unveil its new Discovery SUV.

Yes, that is a real car sitting in the middle of a giant LEGO recreation of London’s Tower Bridge. The towers are 13-meters high each.

The entire LEGO Tower Bridge features a total of 5 805 846 LEGO bricks. This is a new Guinness World Record. It has already been officially certified and beats the previous record by 470 646 bricks.

That’s a lot of LEGO bricks

If you put all of the LEGO pieces used for this build end to end, they would stretch for almost 200 miles. The only addition to the build are the LED lighting stripes for added effect.

Other than that, everything you see are LEGOs. The project took five months to complete. The lead builder was Duncan Titmarsh who is the only UK LEGO Certified Professional. He had a team of several people and used land at the Packington Hall. It’s near the plant where the new Land Rover Discovery will be produced.

“We are thrilled that Jaguar Land Rover has used LEGO bricks to add some Guinness World Record-breaking creativity to the launch of the latest Discovery. This is an epic, outstanding build that absolutely captures the imagination in a way we haven’t seen before. With LEGO bricks and some imagination you really can build anything,” said Emma Owen, LEGO UK and Ireland’s PR and promotions manager.