The Land of Nod partnered with Sesame Street for a huge new collection

The Land of Nod partnered with Sesame Street for a huge new collectionThe Sesame Street characters are still very popular and loved. Now The Land of Nod is working on a huge range of Sesame Street products which expand way beyond toys, ToyNews reports.

Sesame Workshop and The Land of Nod are co-designers of the new product range. It will feature pretty much all of the Muppets.

The Land of Nod will also bring their signature design elements. The end result should be a line of unique products and toys.

The product line will feature lots of stuff. Among it is Sesame Street decor, playroom furniture, bedding. There’s also apparel, backpacks and of course, lots of toys.

“Sesame Street is all about celebrating everyday moments with your family from sun up to sun down. With Nod, a company that shares the magic of childhood through kids’ furniture, bedding, and accessories, we were able to create a collection that reflects the vibrancy of Sesame Street. The collaboration was a natural fit”, said Gabriela Arenas, vice president of licensing, North America, Sesame Workshop.

“We took the Sesame Street characters you know and love and brought them to life through a combination of colorful vintage artwork and bold, modern design,” added Danielle Kurtz, creative director, Land of Nod.

“We wanted it to scream Sesame Street, but in a very unique, Nod way. That means you’ll see everything from Elmo’s eyes on a bright red quilt to a shaggy yellow rug that your subconscious will immediately recognize as Big Bird just by nature of the color and texture. We hope it makes kids everywhere smile.”

The first line of Sesame Street items by The Land of Nod is already out on the company’s websites. You can also bee on the lookout for more new items if these prove popular enough. It’s quite the time to be a Sesame Street fan.