The La Crosse Children’s Museum will host a Stuffed Animal Sleepover

The La Crosse Children's Museum will host a Stuffed Animal SleepoverStuffed animal sleepovers are a popular initiative among museums, libraries and other similar institutions. And now the Children’s Museum of La Crosse will host one.

It’s a bit of a short notice. The sleepover is on January 17th, so basically – it’s tomorrow.

If you want to participate, pre-registration and pre-payment is required online or call 608-784-2652. There are also fees which are are $5 per member child/stuffed animal, $12 per non-member child/stuffed animal and $1 per adult.

Children (and their parents) can bring the stuffed animal for the sleepover on Friday from 5:30PM to 7 PM. The Children’s Museum is located at 207 5th Avenue South in La Crosse. There are also going to be some activities for the kids like stories, snacks and other fun.

Afterwards the kids will go home and the sleepover fun begins for the plushies. They will get to explore the museum for a special tour. A few other activities will follow before the stuffed animals lay for some rest.

Kids can pick their plushies the following morning from 8AM to 9AM. They will also get to make a photo album of the overnight adventures of their stuffed animals.