The Jungle Plush T.REX is on Kickstarter needing your help

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The Jungle Plush T.REX is on Kickstarter needing your help
Image credit: Jungle Plush

The Jungle Plush T.REX project is up on Kickstarter and doing quite well. It wants to be a source for the most original selection of dinosaurs and wild animals ever.

If this sounds familiar to you, it is because we have talked about Jungle Plush on here before, when the project was just starting up. Now the project is in full force and up on Kickstarter. It has already raised most of the needed sum, but it needs one final nudge to turn the project into reality.

The T.REX is Jungle Plush’s first stuffed animal. It is covering all of the safety regulations and it has achieved the desired quality. The toy has even gotten the approval of several independent local toy shops in London.

If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the toy will enter into production for the first batch. The T.REX is 18-inches high, made from soft fabric and suitable for all ages.

There is an even bigger, 48-inch version of the T.REX. There are only 25 of them for now, all for the best Kickstarter backers.

You can join the campaign and for 30 British pounds get one of the future T.REXes for your collection of stuffed animals.

The company is also already working on other plush dinosaurs, too. Amongst them is the Apatosaurus. Also the Triceratops and the Spinosaurus.

If all goes well, the first T.REX stuffed dinosaurs should be arriving to the Kickstarter backers in October of this year. We can’t wait to check them out.