The Jewett Norris Library at Grundy County will have a stuffed animal sleepover

The Jewett Norris Library at Grundy County will have a stuffed animal sleepoverThe Grundy County Jewett Norris Libraby will host a special stuffed animal sleepover. The event will create a great experience for plushies next week.

The event is organized by the Trenton High School Key Club along with the Family Career and Community Leaders of America. The stuffed animal sleepover will be during the night between November 18th and 19th.

Stuffed animals of children from preschool to first grade can bring their stuffed animal or even dolls to the event. It starts at the Hoover Theater at the library. The starting time is 7:30 PM, Friday November 18th.

The participants will have to register this week. They have until this Friday to register at the library or vie the Trenton R-9 website. The forms and a registration fee of $5 have to be given to the school office or the library.

The children and their stuffed animals will have a few great events on the day of the sleepover. They will participate in reading of a bedtime story and have a snack. Then they will get a sleeping bag for their stuffed animals.

While the kids are tucking in their stuffed friends, the parents will receive some tips from the staff on parenting and how to promote reading at home. Children and parents will return to the library on November 19th at 9 o’clock. They will reunite with their stuffed animals and watch a movie together. The movie will show what the stuffies did during the night, as they won’t only be sleeping. The kids will also receive a book and visit the library.