The hunt for Hatchimals continues during the Christmas season

The hunt for Hatchinmals continues during the Christmas seasonThe hunt for Hatchimals continues during the Christmas season. Stores will continue to restock the toys at any chance they get.

CNBC reports that Toy R Us will continue to restock with new Hatchinmals all the time. Walmart will be doing the same.

Both store chains have different rules, though. Toys R Us will allow only one Hatchimal per person. Also, the price is higher at $59.99 a pop.

Walmart on the other hand will sell them for less than $50. The company will restock Hatchimals in all 1700 stores, as announced before. It will allow you to buy as much as you want.

Target will also continue to restock with new Hatchnimals. It will sell them for $59.99 and there will be a limit of two per buyer. Be warned, though, Romper reports that if there are too many people the limit will go down to one per person.

If you go to a Toys R Us store today, you might be able to join a draw to a Hatchimal giveaway. You have only until the end of Dec. 22nd though, so you better be quick. If you’re not in a hurry for a Hatchimal though, it might be better to wait a bit after the shopping craze. You could probably find the toys easier then.