The holidays are over, but your giving spirit should continue

The holidays are over, but your giving spirit should continueThe hoildays are sadly over and now everyone will go back to their everyday lives. Which is normal. But along with the holidays people often also forget their giving spirit. And that’s one of the things we should keep during the entire year.

Before and during the holidays people often reflect on their year. One of the most popular wishes is to be healthy and to love and to be loved. Also to spend time with your loved ones.

All of these are great wishes. But we also should remember something else. We should all remember to keep our giving spirit during the year.

Also before and during the holidays people remind themselves more of those who are in need. This is why charity campaigns are a their highest gear during the weeks before.

But kids in need, hospitals, emergency teams and etc. don’t need toys, stuffed animals and teddy bears only before the holidays. They need them all year long. Most charities try to gather as much toys and donations as possible during the holiday run to last them the year.

But that’s not quite enough. Happily, there are a lot of people who continue to help out during the year, too. And they will tell you that it’s not only about the toys and donations. People in need, especially kids, often appreciate the love and attention more than the actual donation. It’s what actually and really brings them a smile.

It also shows them that they are not forgotten and aren’t alone. It’s not about the item and to┬ásimply receive a toy in a box. What matters is the connection. The smile of another person, the connection. This will make the donation even more important and effective.

Sadly, most people forget about this or simply don’t have enough time. But if you can at least keep those in need in your mind and to just one additional charity or donation throughout the year, this can make a world of difference to someone in need.