The Hershey Bears destroy the world record with a massive teddy bear toss

The Hershey Bears destroy the world record with a massive teddy bear toss
Image credit: The Hershey Bears / Twitter

The 2019 Thanksgiving holiday weekend is drawing to a close with a massive Teddy Bear Toss competition. The two biggest teams hosted their events on Sunday.

Both the Calgary Hitmen and the Hershey Bears had their teddy bear toss games. And both aimed to set a new world record for the biggest single teddy bear toss game.

To do so, one of the teams’ fans had to throw more than 34 798 teddy bears onto the ice. The Hershey Bears fans destroyed that record.

Only 8 minutes into the game Christian Djoos scored for the home team. This kicked off the teddy bear toss. By the end of it fans threw a whopping 45 650 stuffed animals onto the ice. The stuffed animals will go to local schoo

ls, food banks, churches and charities.

Additionally, CommunityAid donates 25 cents per each stuffed animal to the Children’s Miracle Network. And a club seat holders for the Bears donates $1 per bear to the Sweigart Family Foundation.

Meanwhile the Calgary Hitmen also had their Teddy Bear Toss game. This was the special 25th Anniversary of the team’s Teddy Bear Toss events. So, the team wanted to score big and have a record donation, too.

As of this writing is not known whether the Hitmen did it. Their game ran long, so the final tally for donated stuffed animals is not out yet.