The Hatchimals debut a new look for 2017

The Hatchimals debut a new look for 2017The Hatchimals have new tricks up their furry sleeves for 2017. The most popular toy of 2016 debuted a new look at the New York Toy Fair.

The Hatchimals 2.0 are Spin Master’s attempt to reignite the popular toy and make sure it’s not a one-hit-wonder. “Hatchimals turned into a global phenomenon,” said Tara Tucker, vice president of global communications for Spin Master to CNN. “The brand was in the market for only four months in 2016 but it sold in 50 countries.”

There will be two new Hatchimals in 2017. The first one is called Hatchimals Glitter. As the name suggests, the original Hatchimals will now come in glitter. The eggs will feature the improved Sparkly Pengualas and Shimmering Draggles, both with sparkling fur.

The toys will also feature updates songs, sounds and games. They will be in the stores by July 2016. The price remains at $59.99 a pop. Tucker also says the reason for the glittering Hatchimals is feedback from fans and focus groups which said they want to see some sparkle.

The other new addition is the Hatchimals Colleggtibles. They will be small plastic creatures in mini eggs with a heart drawn on them. Kids will have to help these toys hatch. When the toy is ready to hatch, kids will meet their new small mystical animal-friend.

The Colleggtibles will also feature 70 creatures including limited editions. They will cost $2.99 a pop or $9.99 for a 4-pack.

Spin Masters also says there will be another Hatchimal-related surprise in October. So far the company isn’t saying anything about it though. “This won’t be like Hatchimals as you know it”, Tucker says.