The Hatchimals animated series is getting international interest

The Hatchimals animated series is getting international interestThe Hatchimals are getting a new animated series. And it’s already enjoying quite a lot of international interest from many TV stations, ToyNews reports.

The Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia will be on TV in more than a dozen channels in Europe and the Middle East. In addition, it will also be on Netflix for global access.

The series features 44 three-minute episodes. It’s already on Netflix, but now it’s slowly making its way to TV, making it even easier for kids to watch.

The series comes at a time where the Hatchimals have a bit of a drop in their sales. The funky plushies are no longer the top popular toy after LOL Surprise took that crown.

So, the series now aims to show kids more about the characters and give them better stories. The main characters in the animated series are made after the actual toys. They explore their own Hatchtopia world and find and solve various tasks and challenges.