The Hatchimals and Feisty Pets land on Forbes’ Hottest Toys on Ebay list

The Hatchimals and Feisty Pets land on Forbes' Hottest Toys on Ebay listThe Hatchimals and Feisty Pets are about to have a good holiday season. Both toys have landed on yet another list among the top hottest offers.

This list comes from none other than Forbes. They have published their list for the 7 Hottest Toys on Ebay for this holiday season.

The list features some quite well known toys. As we said, the Hatchimals are among them.

Interestingly enough, Forbes points out the classic Hatchimals, not the new Hatchimal Surprise twins, as the major draw. Probably because last year a lot of people couldn’t actually get one on time for the holidays. Forbes also says that the Hatchimals Surprise are another nifty alternative. So, basically, the Hatchimals get two spots on the list and that says something.

The Feisty Pets plushies are also on the list. There are already 30 variations of Feisty Pets and popular ones can go for a lot more than the $16.99 retail price. Shopping early and keeping an eye on the arrival of new stock can save you some bucks, Forbes says.

And what are the other hot toys? Among them is the LuvaBella Doll by SpinMaster. The new LuvaBella doll acts and looks almost like a real baby with facial expressions and even giggles and burps. You can play games like peek-a-boo. The more you play with the doll, the more it will learn, even start to speak.

The Fingerlings are also on the list. The small plastic toys sit on your finger and can and will interact with you. Wowee offers six different monkeys and a unicorn as a character. They also have accessories like swings and playsets. The toys are mostly sold out though, so you might have to pay more than the $14.99 original retail price.

There’s another newcomer to the hot toy list. That’s the LOL Surprise package. The package includes several mysterious items including a small plastic doll. It’s wrapped in seven layers and each layer has stickers, charms, outfits and other accessories for the doll. There’s a regular LOL Surprise for $10 and a LOL Big Surprise for $60.

Finally, something classic. The Nintendo SNES Classic. It’s a new approach on the all-time classic game console. It’s smaller and has 21 built-in games like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda and more. It costs $80 and comes with two controllers. And sells out quite quick, but new stock keeps arriving.

And there are a lot more toys coming just in time for the holidays. A lot of them will be about Justice League and Star Wars, so it’s going to be quite busy in the toy world over the next few weeks.