The five highest rated stuffed animals on Amazon

Have you ever wondered what are the most liked stuffed animals? Not which are the most selling, but the most liked. We decided to try to find out on Amazon.

Being one of the most popular online stores, it has quite a vast customer base. And many of them like to rate and comment on the products that they have bought. This gives us a great glimpse of which stuffed animals have gathered the biggest amount of high ratings and positive feedback.

This doesn’t mean that the toys are the most selling, but that they provoke the best reactions in their owners. It turns out there are quite a lot of stuffed animals that receive positive feedback, which makes us very happy.

Amongst them there are a few that get the biggest amount of high ratings. Here are the five that made us notice.

Giant stuffed giraffe by Melissa & Doug

The top rated by a huge margin is the giant Melissa & Doug Giraffe. He comes in at nearly five feet tall and features a realistic body, pattern and lifelike face. He has wire-framed legs which allow him to stand freely on his own. He is also made out of durable materials so he can withstand play for years to come.

Stuffed giraffe by Kangaroo

The big giraffe is too much for you his little brother also gets quite a lot of positive reviews. It is just two feet tall and made by Kangaroo (the company, not the animal :)). It also has rods in its legs to be able to stand tall on its own.

Cuddlekins stuffed wolf

Need something that it is more suitable for cuddling? How about this cute realistic stuffed wolf by Wild Republic? He is 30 inches long made out of quality fabric and highly detailed. This Cuddlekins stuffed wolf is ideal for cuddling.

Gund Curious George

Curious George is another highly rated stuffed animal by Amazon buyers. He is made by Gund and as his name suggests, he is very curious. About what you ask? About everything. Given how much fans he has, they would approve the attention to detail that has gon into making the 16-inch tall plush version of Curious George. And indeed they do, as this stuffed toy is one of the top rated.

Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pillowtime Pal Pillow, Donatello

Need someone to protect you during the night? Look no further as Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pillowtime Pal Pillow, Donatello is here (now that is a long name, phew). He is about 23-inches tall with lots of details and very soft. Ideal for cuddling and bringing you comfort. It is no wonder he is liked so much.

Those are some of the most liked and highest rated stuffed animals on Amazon. Do you have some of them? Or do you want one? Let us know in the comments below or in our forum.