The first tickets for a Teddy Bear Toss hockey game are now on sale

The first tickets for a Teddy Bear Toss hockey game are now on saleThe Teddy Bear Toss season is almost here! The New York Sash announced that the first tickets for its 12th annual Teddy Bear Toss are now on sale!

The game will be on December 17th at the Utica Auditorium. The Pioneers will take on Morrisville State.

The annual game is a partnership between New York Sash and Utica College to raise toys for local children in need. Fans can bring new stuffed animals to the game. When Utica scores their first goal, the crowd will throw their teddy bears and stuffies on the ice.

The Teddy Bear Toss grows more and more

Volunteers will then gather the stuffed animals and get them to the partners of the event. Among them are Operation Sunshine, Marine Corp Toys for Tots and Keeler In the Morning. They will take the toys and distribute them to children in need in time for Christmas.

This is the 12th annual Teddy Bear Toss and it gets bigger every year. The team says the event has sold out annually since 2012. Also, over the years, more than 25 000 stuffed animals have been donated and given to kids. Several thousand more stuffies will join the ranks this year.

“At New York Sash we understand the importance of giving back and enjoy doing this year after year. It’s really worthwhile to see the mountain of toys that gets donated,” team owner Scot Hayes says to WIBX950.

You can get the tickets here. And remember to bring at least one stuffed animal to the game! And let the joy flow!