The first reactions for Toy Story 4 screenings look quite promising

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The first reactions for Toy Story 4 screenings look quite promisingThe Toy Story 4 frenzy is officially kicking into it’s highest gear. With two weeks left to the cinema debut, critics already have seen the movie by now.

In fact, one of the first official screenings for movie analysts and critics was just this Friday. And surprise, surprise, everyone seems to like the movie.

Despite top voice actors like Tim Allen and Tom Hanks putting a lot of effort to promote the emotional side of the movie, critics say something different. Most of them say that there’s indeed a lot of laughs and fun in the movie, as well.

Some even go on to say it’s easily the funniest movie in the franchise. They also point out, there are indeed very emotional moments which will almost certainly make you cry if you’re a fan of the series.

Critics also say that the new characters do a great job and add a lot of the fun. Unsurprisingly Duke Caboom and Forky get a lot of praise. They are quite the laugh and somehow they don’t take away from the serious moments.

It seems that Pixar really has did an awesome job. Regular fans will be able to find out if that’s really true starting from June 21st. Toy Story Land of course will have special events to mark the launch of the movie.