The first Pokemon Sun and Moon stuffed animals are ready

The first Pokemon Sun and Moon stuffed animals are readyThe first Pokemon Sun and Moon stuffed animals are ready! The Pokemon Company has officially unveiled the new plushies. They are set to debut in November.

The new Pokemon stuffed animals are just the first wave of a big line of stuffies. The Pokeshopper website, which tracks various Pokemon merchandise, posted a Japanese advertisement stating that Rowlet, Litten and Popplio stuffed animals will go on sale on November 18th.

According to, the plushies will be about 9 inches tall. Each stuffie is made to closely resemble the given Pokemon character.

The Pokemon Sun and Moon plushies are coming

The Pokemon Company will release the stuffed animals firstly in Japan. You can expect to see the plushies in the Pokemon Center retail stores across the country.

There is still no official word whether the Pokemon Sun and Moon plushies will make it to other countries like the US. It is possible that they will, though, as Pokemon is still quite popular in a lot of markets. If they don’t appear in the stores, though, there’s always the online shopping option.

The prices of the stuffies haven’t been announced. We don’t expect them to be too high, so even ordering them online and importing them would be a feasible option for big Pokemon fans.