The first Fortnite toys make their way to stores

The first Fortnite toys make their way to storesFortnite is still very popular and it also now has its own line of toys. The first of them are making their way to the stores this week.

The first wave is now hitting ASDA and Smyths Toys in the UK. They are also coming to retailers in the US, ToyNews reports.

Fortnite will now have a whole range of toys. It features action figures with characters from the game, buildings sets, pinatas and even plush toys.

There’s even a Loot Chest. You buy it and get several items as in the game – from weapons, to building material. There’s also a Llama Loot plush toy made by the famous llama. Also, there’s a Llama Pinata which also has loot from the game.

“The range also includes the Early Game Survival Kit including a four-inch Omega action figure, Squad Mode – a four figure pack that brings Fortnite squads to life and contains Epic and Legendary outfits and the Turbo builder set”, ToyNews adds.

Jazwares is making the toys and succeeded to land them in stores before Christmas. This way it expects them to be a big seller for the holidays.