The first ever cafe for stuffed animals just opened in Japan and you’re not allowed in

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The first ever cafe for stuffed animals just opened in Japan and you're not allowed in

In Japan people love stuffed animals. They love the so much they now have a special cafe just for stuffed animals in which humans are not allowed in. RocketNews 24 reports.

The Yawarakan’s Cafe is situated in Tokyo and will officially open its doors on July 28th 2015. The cafe can be visited just by stuffed animals and it is operated mainly by other stuffies. The whole ordeal can actually be quite an experience for your little stuffed friends.

Yawarakan’s Cafe won’t accept walk-ins. Instead the clients have to be shipped via mail. That can happen even over night, but the stuffies have to be no bigger than your hand. You also have to have a reservation which is a full package costing about 40 dollars and includes several features.

The stuffed guests will be seated on their reserved table. They will be served a smoothie of mixed blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, prepared by resident chef Hebi-chan the snake. Then the main course, which is a rice omelet, a Japanese cafe staple, cooked by restaurant owner Karei the flounder, with your stuffed animal’s name written in ketchup across the eggs.

Next, the cheerful stuffed monkey Saru Hasegawa will make special coffee for the guests. It is a house bled of half Peruvian and half Tasmanian beans. Yummy. But that’s not all. Then follows a nice big dessert of 10 pancakes with maple syrup.

When everybody are full, the entertainment begins. Karei can tell stories, everybody can play cards or other games, as well. Then comes the time for sleep, which Yawarakan’s Cafe has covered with nice beds and a bedtime story, read by Karei.

When morning comes your stuffed animals will be sent back to you. But they will also have souvenirs with them. They include a coaster for your glass, some of the Cafe’s sugar and a special photo album which will show you in detail what your stuffed animal and its new friends were up to. You will also have a link from where you can download digital photos.

But that is not all. Your stuffie will receive a membership card, too. Each visit grants a new stamp in that card. Gather enough points and you will win extra rewards like pins, magnets, mugs and other stuff.

Want to send your stuffie to Yawarakan’s Cafe? Well you have to be patient. The cafe is fully booked until mid-September as it hosts a twice-a-month seating schedule. So you better book now via their official site.