The Fingerlings add stuffed animals to their line-up

The Fingerlings add stuffed animals to their line-upThe Fingerlings will finally have a stuffed animal line. Wowwee toys is releasing the new Fingerlings Hugs line with interactive stuffed animals.

The Fingerlings Hugs line starts with two characters. One of them is the pink monkey Bella. The other one is Boris who is blue.

Both are characters from the original line of Fingerlings, Fatherly reports. They are about a foot and a half long, so they are quite bigger than the usual Fingerlings.

The Fingerlings Hugs have extra longs arms. They will use them to hug you. Their hands also have velcro at the ends, so you can attach them for a permanent hug around you and walk around like that.

But that’s far from their complete feature list. The Fingerlings Hugs use 4 LR44 batteries. Now why would a stuffed animal use batteries?

Because they are interactive! If you press your nose to the cheek of your Fingerling Hugs, you will hear a kissing noise. If you shake them, they will giggle. And if you shake them too much, they will fart!

The Fingerlings Hugs will also giggle if you tickle them on the belly. You can even make them go to sleep. The toy will react happily if jumping and many more. The toy can also repeat your words in a funnier voice.

Currently the Fingerlings Hugs are still new to the market. They will cost $30. Do we have another plush hit on our hands? We will see.