The Emoji Company is thinking of coming into the toy market

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Teddy bears finally get their own emojisThe Emojis are ever so popular and are everywhere online. Their owner, The Emoji Company, is thinking about bringing them into the real world, too.

The Emojis are quite famous already. They took home plenty of awards and are beloved by young and old alike.

But the Emoji Company feels like it’s time for more. The Emoji Company founder, Marco Huesges says to ToyNews that the company looks for more new ventures.

Among them are toys, publishing and animated content. “The answer here is yes. While Emoji is established globally and targets primarily teenagers and young adults, we believe that there is an angle to address the kids’ market which is mostly connected to the toy space, in particular to collectable toys and plush,” Huesges told ToyNews.

“We are carefully analysing this market to ensure we make the right move, we are discussing several animation concepts with development studios and potential partners from the toy and the publishing space. It is a time-consuming process but we hope to have clarity within the next eight to 12 months on which direction to go.”

The company plans to pen at least 10 more branded stores, too. It’s also looking at the collectibles market and a lot of other possibilities. They include partnerships with big names, too.

Could we also expect Emoji plushies? So far, there’s nothing official on that, bit it does look quite likely that it will happen if the Emoji Company goes into the toy world.