The Easter Toy Amnesty charity tradition is coming to England again

The Easter Toy Amnesty charity tradition is coming to England againOn the heels of the news that many Christmas-gifted toys are already neglected, comes an interesting charity event. It’s Easter Toy Amnesty in England.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is organizing the Easter Toy Amnesty once again. The event will be from Monday 8th April to Friday 12th. It will be nationwide in the UK.

During those days people can book one of the organization’s vans to come over and pick up any toys which they don’t need. Another option is to go to a local shop which participates in the event.

Fans can also use the #MyToyStory hashtag on social media to get into the conversation. The goal? To collect toys in good condition which BHF can then sell for charity.

“Items such as Polly Pocket, Subbuteo, Corgi cars, Transformers, Star Wars and Lego, are all big sellers for us. They often have cult followings and are in demand from collectors. Toys from the 80s and early 1990s are popular too as a lot of the people who were children then have now grown up and become nostalgic for their childhood. Items like Sega and Nintendo are always welcome”, eBay Toy Expert at the British Heart Foundation, Chris Walker says to the Cambridge Network. You can also donate all kinds of other toys, too. They just have to be in good condition.

Last year the BHF made over 3 million British pounds from selling donated toys. The money go for the research of heart and circulatory disease.