The day when stuffed animals become alive

The day when stuffed animals become aliveStuffed animals are quite the fun-and-life-loving things. They are always smiling, ready to have fun and to bring a smile to you at any moment.

For all true fans of stuffed animals, our plushies do feel alive and real all the time. We can share with them and they help us out.

When we feel tired, sad, ill or just not happy, they want to change that. They want us to feel better and have a smile.

And when we’re happy, they again want to be around to share the fun. So, our plushies are “alive” to us all the time, indeed.

But it’s today when they really do come to life. When their fun-loving spirit comes out in full. The time when stuffed animals do become alive. And it lasts only for a short while before they go back to their regular…static state.

What’s so special about today? Well, it’s the 1st of April. The day of the jokes. And while you may think, we’re joking, we aren’t, really.

Today many people will incorporate stuffed animals somehow into their elaborate jokes. Maybe they will make a talking teddy bear and talk via it and a phone. Or maybe they will simply make a teddy bear fall on you as you open the door.

Plushies are very fun-loving, so they will gladly join the fun. And you should do incorporate them somehow into your jokes. It will make them even more fun and charming, as long as you do choose funny and innocent jokes. So, have fun today and don’t forget your plushies are alive even more so than any other day!