The Cubcoats stuffed animals turn into hoodies

The Cubcoats stuffed animals turn into hoodiesSome stuffed animals are different than others. The Cubcoats for example look like your regular plushies but actually turn into hoodies.

We’ve talked about them before. Now they are ramping up with the goal to make more waves in the US.

The line-up is also bigger. It now features several animals: bear, fox, puppy, tiger, whale, panda, bunny and a kitty.

Once you get your hands on one of these plushies, you will notice the zipper at the back. Unzip it and you will see that the “stuffing” is actually a full-size hoodie. And it cones complete with small ears at the top.

Don’t worry, the actual design of the plushie remains hidden. You can even hide the ears, too. As a result, you end up with a crisp, classic hoodie which is double-lined, too.

This is an easy way to travel both with a cute plushie for your kid and also always have a warm hoodie on hand (ages 2 to 7). The Cubcoats are also machine washable on a cold cycle. You can even tumble dry them on a gentle setting.

Pretty much the only downside is the price – $40. It seems a bit steep. Then again, you get two items – a cute looking stuffed animal and a comfortable, warm hoodie. So, the price adds up well for that.