The Comfort Cub is a therapeutic teddy bear to ease a loss

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The Comfort Cub is a therapeutic teddy bear to ease a loss
Image credit: The Comfort Cub

Losing a friend or a relative can be very painful. The Comfort Cub is a therapeutic teddy bear that will help ease the loss and bring some much needed comfort.

“The Mission of the Comfort Cub is to help bring comfort to anyone in the world experiencing a broken heart as a result of a significant loss in their life”, say the people behind the project. Since the inception of The Comfort Cub back in 2001 over 7000 teddy bears have been received by those in grief.

A single Comfort Cub costs 49 dollars. All of the money go for making new teddy bears and covering expenses. The Comfort Cub is a non-profit organization.

The comforting teddy bear was created by Marcella Johnson whose son passed away. She was grieving so much and held a weighted object close to her chest. This relieved a little bit of the pain in her heart. This is how the Comfort Cub was born. It is a weighted teddy bear which you can hug close to you to help relieve a little bit of the grieving pain.

The cute teddy bear also helps with the Takotsubo Syndrome. It is a weakening of the left ventricle – the heart’s main pumping chamber. This is usually caused by severe emotional of physical stress. It is also known as the broken heart syndrome. Symptoms include chest pain and shortness of breath.

Hugging The Comfort Cub can help ease the heart, relax you and make you feel better. The teddy bear is filled with plastic pellets to achieve the weighted effect.

Business partner, Susan Heck said, “they are in every single hospital in San Diego”, the ABC10 reports. Recently The Comfort Cub organization members were at a hospital in San Diego on Mother’s Day weekend to give out teddy bears to grieving people.

The main focus of the teddy bear are grieving moms, but it can have the same therapeutic effect to anyone who has suffered a loss and needs comfort.