The Classic My Little Pony Dolls are making a special comeback

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The Classic My Little Pony Dolls are making a special comebackThe beloved My Little Pony series is celebrating its 35th Anniversary. For this special occasion, the company Basic Fun is bringing back the original six collector ponies in doll form.

The original My Little Pony dolls are not quite original, though. They share pretty much the same design, but there are some changes.

For example, the dolls are in more brighter colors. Their hair is also more shiny than before. Each though still comes with a comb and a ribbon.

The collector ponies are available at Target, Toys R Us (in US only) and at !ndigo (Canada only). They will set you back $10 a pop. The toys will be offered in stores only, not online.

There’s a total of six ponies: Minty, Blue Bell, Butterscotch, Snuzzle, Blossom, and Cotton Candy. They even have pretty much the same boxes as the original ones.

Basic Fun is also bringing back Rainbow Ponies. They are sweet smelling dolls with multi-colored hair. Several characters join this line: Sunlight, Starshine, Windy, Parasol, Skydancer, and Cotton Candy.

But while the Anniversary dolls are available now, the new Rainbow Ponies won’t be available until August. So, basically, fans of My Little Pony will have quite the year ahead of them. It will be full of lots of ponies and rainbows.