The classic 90s toy – the Tamagotchi returns to the US

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The classic 90s toy - the Tamagotchi returns to the USTime for a classic meme – 90’s kids will remember – the Tamagotchi. It was an unique electronic toy that now is making its comeback to the United States!

For the younger readers, the Tamagotchi was a toy like no other in the 90s. It featured a dotted screen and a few buttons. It greeted you to your new virtual pet which you have to take care of.

This meant you had raise it from a baby and you had to feed it, clean up after it, cure it when it gets sick. You also had to play with it, teach it, help it fall asleep and many more. Basically, you had to do everything you would and should do for a real pet.

The difference is, you could have any pet imaginable, even a dinosaur. Needless to say, the Tamagotchi was a worldwide hit for some time. The total worldwide sales of the toy are more than 82 million units.

The Tamagotchi comes back

This year the Tamagotchi celebrates it’s 20th anniversary in the US (the original debut of the toy was in 1996 in Japan following a worldwide expansion in 1997). So, what better way to celebrate than with a comeback?

The new Tamagotchi is a bit smaller than the classic one thanks to the advance in electronics. It’s made by Bandai. There will be six different designs and each will have six characters. The new Tamagotchi will cost $14.99 a pop and sales start in toy stores from November 5th 2017. Mind you, it will be a limited release, so if you want one, you have to be quick.

The word “Tamagotchi” is a portmanteau of the Japanese word for egg (tamago) and the English word “watch”. “For many Generation X kids, the Tamagotchi device can be considered America’s first and favorite digital pet,” said marketing director for Bandai America Tara Badie to The Straits Times. “The enduring power of Tamagotchi is its clear expression that nurturing and love never goes out of style. It’s such an honor to bring back one of the most beloved toys in a way that captures the magic and joy of a generation while embracing the sensibilities of new generations.”