The Build-A-Bear Power Ranger teddy bears are coming

The Build-A-Bear Power Ranger teddy bears are comingNeed more Power Rangers in your life? Build-A-Bear has you covered. The company introduced its new line of Power Ranger teddy bears with accessories.

Build-A-Bear showed two new Power Ranger bears. They are Red Ranger and Pink Ranger. Both rock the classic Power Rangers attire, too.

Also, there are quite a few accessories to add to them. You can fit them with a sound module and a blaster.

And when it’s time to rest, you can dress them up with a pair of slippers and pajamas. As always, you can use the accessories with other Build-A-Bear stuffed animals and create your own unique characters.

Build-A-Bear Power Rangers

Each Power Rangers bear will cost $25.50. The costumes, which feature all Power Ranger colors, are $16 while the blaster is $10 and the slippers Р$7.

This year is a special one for Build-A-Bear. The company celebrates 20 years in the business. It sees fit to mark the milestone with a trip back memory lane with popular characters.

Build-A-Bear Power Rangers

The Power Rangers are coming back to the cinemas, too. Their latest movie will debut on March 24th. Hence, the reason for the new teddy bears. They come just in time for the fans to enjoy them along with the movie.