The Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal is coming sooner than expected

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The Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal is coming sooner than expectedThe Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal was announced back in October but with not much details. Now there are first pictures and important new information.

The original plans called for the new Build-A-Bear Pikachu stuffed animal to go on sale sometime in 2016. It turns out thought, that the company is already ready with the toy and it will hit the stores by the end of this year. This means it could possibly make it in time for Christmas.

There will be two versions of the Build-A-Bear Pikachu. The first one will be available only via the web store of the company. It will come with a Pokeball and Charizard hoodies to dress Pikachu up. This version will also feature a sound chip that plays six different Pikachu sounds. There is also a Pokemon trading game card. The toy will sell for $60 and it is already such a hit, there is a wait until you can order it.

The Build-A-Bear Pikachu

If that is too much for you, you can get the regular Build-A-Bear Pikachu. It will cost $28 and you can get an e-gift card which will secure you one when it hits the stores by the end of the month. It will feature just the Pikachu stuffed animal while the hoodies and other accessories will be sold separately. The hoodie will be $12.50 in the store.

Pikachu joins a long line of licensed stuffed toy characters Build-A-Bear makes. This year it already had a few hits under its belt like the Minions for example. Pikachu joins also My Little Pony, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain America and quite a few more special stuffed animals along with the toys from Build-A-Bear’s own lines.