The Buckingham Bear Hunt starts today with 14 hidden teddy bears

The Buckingham Bear Hunt starts today with 14 hidden teddy bears
The hidden teddy bears are probably not that big :)

Do you want to win a teddy bear? Of course you do. Today, the people and visitors of Buckingham in England will have that chance in the Buckingham Bear Hunt.

This is an annual event which starts today. And the event will continue until all the hidden teddy bears are found.

The idea of the Buckingham Bear Hunt is simple. There are 14 teddy bears which are hiding in several shops around the city.

The Buckingham Bear Hunt rules

First you go to The Old Gaol. There you can pick up a special card which you need to get into the shops and search for the bears.

The participating shops are Buckingham Bookshop in Hunter Street, Finca El Monte, Pasha and Body Matters. Also taking part are the Nimble Thimble and At Home in Well Street. Bears might be hidden also at the Secret Messages and Courtyard at no 6 in Bridge Street and West Street Local. Also check out Gyre & Gimble, Dandy Lions, Sweet Autumn, Curious Minds and Moss in Cornwall Place.

When you go to the stores and find a hidden teddy bear you don’t take it. You go to the employee and get a stamp on your card. This is to verify you have found the teddy bear.

After you spot all 14 hidden teddy bears, you go back to The Old Gaol. There you will receive your free teddy bear as a prize for the completion of the Buckingham Bear Hunt. The event will continue until all of the teddy bears have been won. So, it might be a few days, but it may take only a few hours. Hence, don’t wait. If you are in Buckingham go and find the teddy bears. People from all ages can participate. Destination Buckingham is organizing the event which is supported by Aylesbury Vale District Council.